Is there a title???

And life goes on…waking up to steamy hot hot hot day, humid beyond, but that first cup of coffee, wow, it’s the best.  On the sun porch, no sun shining on it, it’s all in the front yard.  Cool place, thoughtful place, thinking place.  A place where a grandson sleeps when visiting, until about 11 a.m.  Now it’s empty, some of the furniture is placed back to where it should be, just some.  Dazing out into the pool/woods/fireplace.  Thanking God for His Word, praying for our kids with work and their families, praying for the grandkids with college, work, high school, elementary school, asking for the best for them.  Trusting that they, Lord, will enjoy their professors and teachers, they each would make a wonderful friend or two, that they would understand and retain what they are taught this year, and that they would walk closer to you, Lord, and not to let anything interrupt them nor anyone else for that matter.  Lord, may they seek your will, know your will and serve You. Mornings are great, they are fresh, they are await for happenings that we don’t know.  Thinking and thinking, a birthday is in a couple of days…it’s fun to celebrate because we as a family are together.  Cannot take that for granted.  Always the laughs, the hugs, the unexpected.  Looking forward, not behind.


Well, I think I’m finally coming down…ever feel overwhelmed, overextended, over everything??? Some times I do…some times I have a delayed reaction because of being so stunned…I’m still feeling some affects of that one phone call that came through 3 weeks ago, or was it 4 weeks??? Time gets away…my daughter in law was on the other end of the phone, she said, “Andy is okay, do you hear me? Andy is okay”…I couldn’t move, just sat listening to what she was saying…tests, MRI’s, CT scans, spinal tap, x-rays, blood work galore, ruling out MG, MS, brain tumor…rule out, rule out, rule out. Then comes an answer: Guillain-Barre Syndrone. What in the world…who ever heard of that…I remember vaguely that name, very vaguely, but I do remember it. Should I go to CT? Should I stay here at home? Am I needed, Am I not needed? My head was reeling, my mind was running, and I had to make 2 other phone calls. That helped me so much, those 2 other phone calls, “In the counsel of many, there is safety” said the Psalmist. I’m going to CT.  Thank you Stephanie and Rachel.

Packing, tickets, driving, flying, arriving…so many helped me out, everything went smoothly, plan was early and my daughter Stephanie was right there BEFORE baggage claim to walk me to her car. Who knew the plane would be 15 minutes early. Off we go, duffel bag in back, key in the ignition, heat on, parking ticket paid and we’re on our way to New Britain General Hospital to visit with Andy. That was settling, walking into his room and seeing him and Laura sitting. He could move, he could sit, some of the paralysis from the neck down was subsiding…finally. Overwhelmed, tired, answers given…perhaps exhaustion was more of a statement than tired…yes! Hearing of the massive doses of meds pouring through his veins causing the myelin to begin wrapping itself once again around his nerves so he could move…stunned now goes with overwhelmed…so much on the brain. Conversation helped to way lay some of the fear, seeing his legs move in the wheelchair also helped (he couldn’t even move earlier). Time was for us, God was for us,
things began working. I was so glad I made the trip, to stay for 2 weeks, to care for the 4 grandchildren, to visit 3 other grandchildren, just to be there knowing all was right. Having dinner with Stephanie that first evening of exhaustion felt good, regular conversation now was taking place, laughter was happening, questions answered, all was beginning to fall into place. I must say, I did have a time of leaning only on God, only He could see Andy through this difficulty (putting it mildly), only He could give me my daughter to talk with (you see, He knows I always have to talk, talk, talk, so He always has my daughter there to let me do that thing).  Thank you God.

So 2 weeks with 4 grandchildren, getting up at 6:30 a.m. helping with breakfasts, fixing lunches, doing dishes and laundry, then out for the day til 3:30p.m. when the kids return from school wasn’t bad at all.    God gave me time to touch upon friends (those that I thank my God upon every remembrance of).  Those times can never be replaced, along with knowing Andy was doing better each day.  Then came the day, from New Britain General Hospital, to Hospital of Special Care to home…it was a glorious evening when Laura brought him and helped him up the staircase to the kitchen, finally home again and walking…slowly … but walking, climbing stairs gingerly, but climbing stairs, able to hold a coffee cup, a fork, a spoon…all these things we take for granted.  It’s a brand new morning…and “joy does come in the morning”…those couple of earlier weeks seems like one long dark night.  With God nothing is impossible.

It was time to say farewell, after blood work done, 2 times back to New Britain, working 1/2 days, eating plans changing,  moving the body more… it was time to leave 7 grandchildren, 2 daughters and a son not to mention lightly my daughter in law who stayed by her man 24/7…God bless her.

Overwhelmed? yes…Exhausted? yes…Questioning? yes… Far away?  yes, BUT with God, He conquers, He brings joy, He makes things possible, He cares, He loves, He guides, He brings others by your side, He’s our All in all, oh yes He is.

It’s been a wh…

It’s been a while since blogging, I might have forgotten all about this stuff, then again it might be like riding a bicycle, one never forgets.  It took a while to remember my log in information, but after 3 tries, voila, it all appeared.  Funny about these things…it’s good to be back, I like blogging and I don’t know why I didn’t remain, so here I am again.  Hopefully it won’t be sooooo long between blogs.  Things happen, I get engulfed in them and forget all else…Alyssa coming to live with us (a nice thing to get engulfed in)…getting her a job, a student i.d., visiting the MVD for her permit, driving down streets daily, making turn arounds, driver signals, taking sharp corners (such is life) getting ready for college…it was all fun things and it all moved smoothly along and now college is just another day, driving is just sailing through the streets and highways with country radio playing…yes, a year passes quickly from taking on new to getting into the everyday, seems like a week that all this happened.


Engulfed in vacations for other people;  every month someone was visiting, it was hilarious that every single month someone was calling to set up dates for a couple of nights.  It was a great time of re-acquainting with so many, family time of laughter and conversations as well…or just a drop in for a day and dinner.  There was so much entertaining and fun, from a gym teacher, to many church members to family members…honestly the year flew by b/c of that.


I think the most fun was having the twins for 2 weeks in August, from playing in the rain (and oh it poured), to throwing a softball for practice, mowing the lawn on the rider mower, painting rocks, making card houses, eating the huge ice cream (may I add a double scoop on a waffle cone), visiting the library and taking about 6 books and 3 movies out, tacos, spaghetti, hamburgs, and having a nice full pajama day…so fun not dressing for the day.  Before I knew it, a whole year passed and we were looking at Christmas once again in our lovely home.


Adding on to our home was another change, yes a room above the garage, that took time, from cleaning out the attic, to studding it, wiring it for heat and for a/c, hiring someone for the drywall (praise God for that one) sanding and mudding, priming, and finally the periwinkle blue made its appearance along with the white baseboards.  Three new windows were added and blinds to shield the bright sunshine coming through.  The one thing that stood out was the slice in the leg from a skill saw which caused 17 staples and a good wrap to keep the leg thigh together and healing.  Everything came out beautiful…even the leg.


So that’s what went on for a quick review, I missed a lot of mentionings, cookies for the 5 neighbors, gardening, fans added to the patio porch, and a neglect of blogging.  And to all of this  …time with the Lord, prayer, obedience and neglect, lots of lessons to learn and lots of good new habits to begin.  Without Him, how could I get along, without Him how could I think, love, say good bye to precious friends realizing I’ll someday see them once again (4 in a month’s time, farewell Sam, Bob, Frank and Al).  So now begins again the blogging…thoughts of mine on life, love, Lord, and whatever else He gives me to ‘blog’.  Spring is right around the corner, we’ve had a mild winter with even 70 and 80 degrees…mostly 60’s, but NO snow.  Spring, a season of new beginnings for everything including blogging. 


























Isn’t it the way it always goes, a couple you are so friendly with…one is sick and the healthy one gets sicker…Lord this is crazy, I know we draw closer to you in these happenings, and I know we focus more on you and maybe that’s what I have to do, asking You for nothing but your miracle power to work is what is so important now for this friend. I’m listening to the leaf blower as it blows away all the debris from around the house…perhaps I’m needing your Holy Spirit to blow away so much debris that is hanging around in my life, things I think that are important, thoughts that mean nothing, work that doesn’t need to be taken care of now, yes the debris needs blowing away so that I can listen quietly to Your still small voice.

Why does it always take something hard to hear to take care of my focus on You, to take care of the debris that needs to be blown away? I praise you that you care, and that you don’t mind time after time to take care of me and the debris, and to get my focus on where it should be, on You, Lord…and then I can see how the peace that passes all understanding can work in my life, and the stress is released.

Thank you Lord for this time, I P5:7 “He cares for you” is so true, so take this heart and life and use your Spirit to take care of the debris and to bring your Spirit to full control in my life. Oh yes, that’s what I’m talking about.

I think it’s summer not spring

Wow, I can’t believe these last 2 weeks with all of this 80 degree temperatures and sunny days, unusual for here, usually 70’s. I guess we’ll be back to 70’s on the week end, good temps for when the family comes because of Frankie’s Fun Park. I wouldn’t want to be walking around in all that heat all day. We’ll begin with pizza and cake and take it from then on…camera in tote, water bottle, and who knows what else, LOL. It’ll be a fun day, come home to sandwiches, showers, and who knows what, then sleep til Sunday a.m. and off to church. How nice is that.

Trying to come up with menus for the week knowing that one afternoon will be Kelly’s barbecue place in Summerville (or is it Ladson?).

Easter was a nice, lazy day, the way I like it, no rushing, just fixing a nice menu and sitting on the front porch for a while, before the eating began. Loved the day, loved the conversation and loved the people. Small gathering, just the way I like it!

No school this week, spring break, which makes it nice when the phone rings early (it’s Steve, lol) and I don’t have to jump thinking the school is calling. Also no school next week for me b/c family is visiting, so I let the office know I’d not be around. Sooooo, 2 weeks off of not thinking, ‘will they call today?”

Great small group gathering last night with the best sweet and sour chicken ever, I can’t believe the way these ladies cook, not one thing is ever bad, not one!!! I’ve learned from them, too. So much fun, and now we’re studying about Joseph, how good is that…what a man of God, kind of Christ-like.

Out to lunch today with Brenda, and tomorrow out to lunch with Sunny, so that leaves Thursday for grocery shopping, that’s a good thing because the sales begin Wednesday, I’m wondering what I’ll buy and what my menu will be for the week. I know that s’mores is on at night for the fire pit (only one night); the rest of the evenings can be plain marshmallows.

Been looking for some pictures of my oldest grandchild so I can copy off and have an up to date one of her and frame it. Then I need to get some colored ink…I’m out. The pictures I’ve done off have come out very nicely and I’m pleased.

Well, that’s about it, the Lord has blessed us with another gorgeous day, 89, unbelievable, and I must take advantage of it and sit outside for a short while and spend time with Him. Love praying and asking for my children. Some times I have coffee when I sit and pray, some times I just sit and pray, some times I watch Mr. and Mrs. Bluebird with my praying.

Love having time alone.

Loving Saturday

Lovely day, rains have passed, sun is shining brightly, woke up to sunshine and 50’s, in the 60’s now and it’s to go to the 70’s. Now that’s my kind of Saturday, and praising the Lord for that. God is so good. Able to crack the bedroom window, change the sheets on the bed, then vacuum, just love such a clean and refreshing bedroom.

Had a good week, began with subbing at school for Mon. and Tues. Also small group on Monday night, very tired and slept well Tuesday night after all of the business had gotten taken care of with the 70’s temperatures. Even squeezed time for coffee on the front porch watching the bluebirds carefully inspect their house in the front yard, saw a bright red cardinal and a couple of robins, but the robins have been here for about a month.

Thought I would have had some stamping done for cards but played it lazy and didn’t get to it. I’m always promising myself for that, but lately haven’t followed through, instead I emptyed, cleaned and refilled the closets getting them neartly and tucked for myself hoping I can find things when I need them, that’s a joke.

The shed is looking mighty fine, the roof is just about completed now, then comes a little work on the patio then back to the shed for the bricking. Brick got delivered already, and it’s ready to be placed with cement on the shed. Nice not to have Steve do this in the hot summer, spring is good…although I’ll have to make lemonade and go out with it for him and for me (of course, I’ll be sitting in the lawn chair sipping mine, lol. Maybe he’ll join me! Wished I had a clothes line for out back, alas…against the Pimlico rules. Always rules, rules, rules.

Nice to be able to blog and not have the world reading this, I can say anything I want, be as silly as I want or serious for that matter, and know that just 2 people are reading this, lol, HA!!!

I’ve got to get ready for Easter cards, if I don’t make them, Alyssa told me to hit the dollar store, have to get them ready with gifts and fun for the grandkids, and what a nice group I have….I must say!!!

Well, done for the day, looking good, dry as can be, well a few puddles from the left over rains yesterday. Now my friends and family in CT are enjoying the wet stuff.

love to all, my precious family.

Time gets away…

Well, I can’t believe the weeks pass so quickly, then when I finally have time to get on I forget my password, what in the world…

Taught school a couple days last week, and teaching again this week 2 days, this week is better, today was in for 8:45a and tomorrow I’m in at 9:40a it can’t get any better, just love it.

It’s a glorious 71 degrees today, and I am so enjoying this, coffee outside, relaxing, checking emails afterwards, just “fintastic” school is over, kids were great, just an all around wonderful day.

Tonight is small group, 15 in our little group now, supper first with ribs and chicken, potato salad, baked means, forgot the rest…dessert however is yellow cake with chocolate frosting and also some peanut butter cookies dipped halfway with melted chocolate and then into crushed nuts. Celebrating a birthday tonight in the group. It should be fun and exciting. However, I must say, the peanut butter cookies are not as good as my daughter Stephanie’s cookies…I have NO idea what I did wrong. I’ll leave it for her to make next time.

Yesterday enjoyed listening to Ricsha singing all of her songs, just love listening to her and ‘trying’ to sing along. It would help toknow all of the words, that’s for sure. I especially love the songs she wrote, Captivated, In His Presence and Spirit Come. Yup, it’s a good thing.

Can’t believe my friend Marge is thinking of moving out of CT her bones are getting just too cold, she needs prayer as to direction due to her husbands breathing problems…she’s mulling over AZ right now.
I feel SC is much too humid for him during the summer, he’d be so terribly sick.

Got to post a picture on Facebook yesterday with NO help from my granddaughter, Alyssa. Watch now, the next time I’ll need the help.

Enjoyed being with friends the last 2 week ends and going out for dinner with them, haven’t done that since living in CT guess we are making friends, finally. Been over a year, but Andy said it would take a good year and boy was he right about that. Enjoyed eating at the restaurant Clarks in Santee and then the following week at my childhood friend’s house, Judy, and she made the best pot roast dinner with potatoes and carrots. My favorite, oh I love cooked carrots, I made the chocolate/peanut butter pie, that came out great, so glad, Steve was looking forward to it.

Well, that’s it, the sun beckons, the 71 becksons the porch beckons, no stamping for me, I must just enjoy the day and what it has to offer, and I hear my children are having good temperatures as well, how sweet is that for all of us. …And “how good it is to sing praises to our God, how pleasant and fitting to praise him!”

Have a wonderful day everybody, love all of you.