Is there a title???

And life goes on…waking up to steamy hot hot hot day, humid beyond, but that first cup of coffee, wow, it’s the best.  On the sun porch, no sun shining on it, it’s all in the front yard.  Cool place, thoughtful place, thinking place.  A place where a grandson sleeps when visiting, until about 11 a.m.  Now it’s empty, some of the furniture is placed back to where it should be, just some.  Dazing out into the pool/woods/fireplace.  Thanking God for His Word, praying for our kids with work and their families, praying for the grandkids with college, work, high school, elementary school, asking for the best for them.  Trusting that they, Lord, will enjoy their professors and teachers, they each would make a wonderful friend or two, that they would understand and retain what they are taught this year, and that they would walk closer to you, Lord, and not to let anything interrupt them nor anyone else for that matter.  Lord, may they seek your will, know your will and serve You. Mornings are great, they are fresh, they are await for happenings that we don’t know.  Thinking and thinking, a birthday is in a couple of days…it’s fun to celebrate because we as a family are together.  Cannot take that for granted.  Always the laughs, the hugs, the unexpected.  Looking forward, not behind.


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