Well, I think I’m finally coming down…ever feel overwhelmed, overextended, over everything??? Some times I do…some times I have a delayed reaction because of being so stunned…I’m still feeling some affects of that one phone call that came through 3 weeks ago, or was it 4 weeks??? Time gets away…my daughter in law was on the other end of the phone, she said, “Andy is okay, do you hear me? Andy is okay”…I couldn’t move, just sat listening to what she was saying…tests, MRI’s, CT scans, spinal tap, x-rays, blood work galore, ruling out MG, MS, brain tumor…rule out, rule out, rule out. Then comes an answer: Guillain-Barre Syndrone. What in the world…who ever heard of that…I remember vaguely that name, very vaguely, but I do remember it. Should I go to CT? Should I stay here at home? Am I needed, Am I not needed? My head was reeling, my mind was running, and I had to make 2 other phone calls. That helped me so much, those 2 other phone calls, “In the counsel of many, there is safety” said the Psalmist. I’m going to CT.  Thank you Stephanie and Rachel.

Packing, tickets, driving, flying, arriving…so many helped me out, everything went smoothly, plan was early and my daughter Stephanie was right there BEFORE baggage claim to walk me to her car. Who knew the plane would be 15 minutes early. Off we go, duffel bag in back, key in the ignition, heat on, parking ticket paid and we’re on our way to New Britain General Hospital to visit with Andy. That was settling, walking into his room and seeing him and Laura sitting. He could move, he could sit, some of the paralysis from the neck down was subsiding…finally. Overwhelmed, tired, answers given…perhaps exhaustion was more of a statement than tired…yes! Hearing of the massive doses of meds pouring through his veins causing the myelin to begin wrapping itself once again around his nerves so he could move…stunned now goes with overwhelmed…so much on the brain. Conversation helped to way lay some of the fear, seeing his legs move in the wheelchair also helped (he couldn’t even move earlier). Time was for us, God was for us,
things began working. I was so glad I made the trip, to stay for 2 weeks, to care for the 4 grandchildren, to visit 3 other grandchildren, just to be there knowing all was right. Having dinner with Stephanie that first evening of exhaustion felt good, regular conversation now was taking place, laughter was happening, questions answered, all was beginning to fall into place. I must say, I did have a time of leaning only on God, only He could see Andy through this difficulty (putting it mildly), only He could give me my daughter to talk with (you see, He knows I always have to talk, talk, talk, so He always has my daughter there to let me do that thing).  Thank you God.

So 2 weeks with 4 grandchildren, getting up at 6:30 a.m. helping with breakfasts, fixing lunches, doing dishes and laundry, then out for the day til 3:30p.m. when the kids return from school wasn’t bad at all.    God gave me time to touch upon friends (those that I thank my God upon every remembrance of).  Those times can never be replaced, along with knowing Andy was doing better each day.  Then came the day, from New Britain General Hospital, to Hospital of Special Care to home…it was a glorious evening when Laura brought him and helped him up the staircase to the kitchen, finally home again and walking…slowly … but walking, climbing stairs gingerly, but climbing stairs, able to hold a coffee cup, a fork, a spoon…all these things we take for granted.  It’s a brand new morning…and “joy does come in the morning”…those couple of earlier weeks seems like one long dark night.  With God nothing is impossible.

It was time to say farewell, after blood work done, 2 times back to New Britain, working 1/2 days, eating plans changing,  moving the body more… it was time to leave 7 grandchildren, 2 daughters and a son not to mention lightly my daughter in law who stayed by her man 24/7…God bless her.

Overwhelmed? yes…Exhausted? yes…Questioning? yes… Far away?  yes, BUT with God, He conquers, He brings joy, He makes things possible, He cares, He loves, He guides, He brings others by your side, He’s our All in all, oh yes He is.


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