It’s been a wh…

It’s been a while since blogging, I might have forgotten all about this stuff, then again it might be like riding a bicycle, one never forgets.  It took a while to remember my log in information, but after 3 tries, voila, it all appeared.  Funny about these things…it’s good to be back, I like blogging and I don’t know why I didn’t remain, so here I am again.  Hopefully it won’t be sooooo long between blogs.  Things happen, I get engulfed in them and forget all else…Alyssa coming to live with us (a nice thing to get engulfed in)…getting her a job, a student i.d., visiting the MVD for her permit, driving down streets daily, making turn arounds, driver signals, taking sharp corners (such is life) getting ready for college…it was all fun things and it all moved smoothly along and now college is just another day, driving is just sailing through the streets and highways with country radio playing…yes, a year passes quickly from taking on new to getting into the everyday, seems like a week that all this happened.


Engulfed in vacations for other people;  every month someone was visiting, it was hilarious that every single month someone was calling to set up dates for a couple of nights.  It was a great time of re-acquainting with so many, family time of laughter and conversations as well…or just a drop in for a day and dinner.  There was so much entertaining and fun, from a gym teacher, to many church members to family members…honestly the year flew by b/c of that.


I think the most fun was having the twins for 2 weeks in August, from playing in the rain (and oh it poured), to throwing a softball for practice, mowing the lawn on the rider mower, painting rocks, making card houses, eating the huge ice cream (may I add a double scoop on a waffle cone), visiting the library and taking about 6 books and 3 movies out, tacos, spaghetti, hamburgs, and having a nice full pajama day…so fun not dressing for the day.  Before I knew it, a whole year passed and we were looking at Christmas once again in our lovely home.


Adding on to our home was another change, yes a room above the garage, that took time, from cleaning out the attic, to studding it, wiring it for heat and for a/c, hiring someone for the drywall (praise God for that one) sanding and mudding, priming, and finally the periwinkle blue made its appearance along with the white baseboards.  Three new windows were added and blinds to shield the bright sunshine coming through.  The one thing that stood out was the slice in the leg from a skill saw which caused 17 staples and a good wrap to keep the leg thigh together and healing.  Everything came out beautiful…even the leg.


So that’s what went on for a quick review, I missed a lot of mentionings, cookies for the 5 neighbors, gardening, fans added to the patio porch, and a neglect of blogging.  And to all of this  …time with the Lord, prayer, obedience and neglect, lots of lessons to learn and lots of good new habits to begin.  Without Him, how could I get along, without Him how could I think, love, say good bye to precious friends realizing I’ll someday see them once again (4 in a month’s time, farewell Sam, Bob, Frank and Al).  So now begins again the blogging…thoughts of mine on life, love, Lord, and whatever else He gives me to ‘blog’.  Spring is right around the corner, we’ve had a mild winter with even 70 and 80 degrees…mostly 60’s, but NO snow.  Spring, a season of new beginnings for everything including blogging. 


























One thought on “It’s been a wh…

  1. You are an amazing writer and even more an amazing woman of God. I love reading your blog. I truly hope you keep writing. I love you!!!

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