Isn’t it the way it always goes, a couple you are so friendly with…one is sick and the healthy one gets sicker…Lord this is crazy, I know we draw closer to you in these happenings, and I know we focus more on you and maybe that’s what I have to do, asking You for nothing but your miracle power to work is what is so important now for this friend. I’m listening to the leaf blower as it blows away all the debris from around the house…perhaps I’m needing your Holy Spirit to blow away so much debris that is hanging around in my life, things I think that are important, thoughts that mean nothing, work that doesn’t need to be taken care of now, yes the debris needs blowing away so that I can listen quietly to Your still small voice.

Why does it always take something hard to hear to take care of my focus on You, to take care of the debris that needs to be blown away? I praise you that you care, and that you don’t mind time after time to take care of me and the debris, and to get my focus on where it should be, on You, Lord…and then I can see how the peace that passes all understanding can work in my life, and the stress is released.

Thank you Lord for this time, I P5:7 “He cares for you” is so true, so take this heart and life and use your Spirit to take care of the debris and to bring your Spirit to full control in my life. Oh yes, that’s what I’m talking about.


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