I think it’s summer not spring

Wow, I can’t believe these last 2 weeks with all of this 80 degree temperatures and sunny days, unusual for here, usually 70’s. I guess we’ll be back to 70’s on the week end, good temps for when the family comes because of Frankie’s Fun Park. I wouldn’t want to be walking around in all that heat all day. We’ll begin with pizza and cake and take it from then on…camera in tote, water bottle, and who knows what else, LOL. It’ll be a fun day, come home to sandwiches, showers, and who knows what, then sleep til Sunday a.m. and off to church. How nice is that.

Trying to come up with menus for the week knowing that one afternoon will be Kelly’s barbecue place in Summerville (or is it Ladson?).

Easter was a nice, lazy day, the way I like it, no rushing, just fixing a nice menu and sitting on the front porch for a while, before the eating began. Loved the day, loved the conversation and loved the people. Small gathering, just the way I like it!

No school this week, spring break, which makes it nice when the phone rings early (it’s Steve, lol) and I don’t have to jump thinking the school is calling. Also no school next week for me b/c family is visiting, so I let the office know I’d not be around. Sooooo, 2 weeks off of not thinking, ‘will they call today?”

Great small group gathering last night with the best sweet and sour chicken ever, I can’t believe the way these ladies cook, not one thing is ever bad, not one!!! I’ve learned from them, too. So much fun, and now we’re studying about Joseph, how good is that…what a man of God, kind of Christ-like.

Out to lunch today with Brenda, and tomorrow out to lunch with Sunny, so that leaves Thursday for grocery shopping, that’s a good thing because the sales begin Wednesday, I’m wondering what I’ll buy and what my menu will be for the week. I know that s’mores is on at night for the fire pit (only one night); the rest of the evenings can be plain marshmallows.

Been looking for some pictures of my oldest grandchild so I can copy off and have an up to date one of her and frame it. Then I need to get some colored ink…I’m out. The pictures I’ve done off have come out very nicely and I’m pleased.

Well, that’s about it, the Lord has blessed us with another gorgeous day, 89, unbelievable, and I must take advantage of it and sit outside for a short while and spend time with Him. Love praying and asking for my children. Some times I have coffee when I sit and pray, some times I just sit and pray, some times I watch Mr. and Mrs. Bluebird with my praying.

Love having time alone.


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