Loving Saturday

Lovely day, rains have passed, sun is shining brightly, woke up to sunshine and 50’s, in the 60’s now and it’s to go to the 70’s. Now that’s my kind of Saturday, and praising the Lord for that. God is so good. Able to crack the bedroom window, change the sheets on the bed, then vacuum, just love such a clean and refreshing bedroom.

Had a good week, began with subbing at school for Mon. and Tues. Also small group on Monday night, very tired and slept well Tuesday night after all of the business had gotten taken care of with the 70’s temperatures. Even squeezed time for coffee on the front porch watching the bluebirds carefully inspect their house in the front yard, saw a bright red cardinal and a couple of robins, but the robins have been here for about a month.

Thought I would have had some stamping done for cards but played it lazy and didn’t get to it. I’m always promising myself for that, but lately haven’t followed through, instead I emptyed, cleaned and refilled the closets getting them neartly and tucked for myself hoping I can find things when I need them, that’s a joke.

The shed is looking mighty fine, the roof is just about completed now, then comes a little work on the patio then back to the shed for the bricking. Brick got delivered already, and it’s ready to be placed with cement on the shed. Nice not to have Steve do this in the hot summer, spring is good…although I’ll have to make lemonade and go out with it for him and for me (of course, I’ll be sitting in the lawn chair sipping mine, lol. Maybe he’ll join me! Wished I had a clothes line for out back, alas…against the Pimlico rules. Always rules, rules, rules.

Nice to be able to blog and not have the world reading this, I can say anything I want, be as silly as I want or serious for that matter, and know that just 2 people are reading this, lol, HA!!!

I’ve got to get ready for Easter cards, if I don’t make them, Alyssa told me to hit the dollar store, have to get them ready with gifts and fun for the grandkids, and what a nice group I have….I must say!!!

Well, done for the day, looking good, dry as can be, well a few puddles from the left over rains yesterday. Now my friends and family in CT are enjoying the wet stuff.

love to all, my precious family.


One thought on “Loving Saturday

  1. This is like a private diary just for a few special people. Glad I am one of those special people. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Love you so much!!!

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