Time gets away…

Well, I can’t believe the weeks pass so quickly, then when I finally have time to get on I forget my password, what in the world…

Taught school a couple days last week, and teaching again this week 2 days, this week is better, today was in for 8:45a and tomorrow I’m in at 9:40a it can’t get any better, just love it.

It’s a glorious 71 degrees today, and I am so enjoying this, coffee outside, relaxing, checking emails afterwards, just “fintastic” school is over, kids were great, just an all around wonderful day.

Tonight is small group, 15 in our little group now, supper first with ribs and chicken, potato salad, baked means, forgot the rest…dessert however is yellow cake with chocolate frosting and also some peanut butter cookies dipped halfway with melted chocolate and then into crushed nuts. Celebrating a birthday tonight in the group. It should be fun and exciting. However, I must say, the peanut butter cookies are not as good as my daughter Stephanie’s cookies…I have NO idea what I did wrong. I’ll leave it for her to make next time.

Yesterday enjoyed listening to Ricsha singing all of her songs, just love listening to her and ‘trying’ to sing along. It would help toknow all of the words, that’s for sure. I especially love the songs she wrote, Captivated, In His Presence and Spirit Come. Yup, it’s a good thing.

Can’t believe my friend Marge is thinking of moving out of CT her bones are getting just too cold, she needs prayer as to direction due to her husbands breathing problems…she’s mulling over AZ right now.
I feel SC is much too humid for him during the summer, he’d be so terribly sick.

Got to post a picture on Facebook yesterday with NO help from my granddaughter, Alyssa. Watch now, the next time I’ll need the help.

Enjoyed being with friends the last 2 week ends and going out for dinner with them, haven’t done that since living in CT guess we are making friends, finally. Been over a year, but Andy said it would take a good year and boy was he right about that. Enjoyed eating at the restaurant Clarks in Santee and then the following week at my childhood friend’s house, Judy, and she made the best pot roast dinner with potatoes and carrots. My favorite, oh I love cooked carrots, I made the chocolate/peanut butter pie, that came out great, so glad, Steve was looking forward to it.

Well, that’s it, the sun beckons, the 71 becksons the porch beckons, no stamping for me, I must just enjoy the day and what it has to offer, and I hear my children are having good temperatures as well, how sweet is that for all of us. …And “how good it is to sing praises to our God, how pleasant and fitting to praise him!”

Have a wonderful day everybody, love all of you.


One thought on “Time gets away…

  1. Yay!!!! You are back at it!!! I have missed you! So glad for the temps and glad to see you are enjoying the outside before allergy season strikes us!!! Love you so much and the next time we see each other I will make you some peanut butter cookies.

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