So Cold…

I know it is the day the Lord made, and to rejoice in it, (as my daughter Stephanie tells me) but it’s just so darn cold.  Unbelievable.  46 today.  That’s not fun, although I know it could be worse; snowing, raining, hurricane, etc., at least the sun was out.

The shed is doing well with Steve banging the rafters onto getting ready for roofing , and done in all that cold and wind.  Now he’s inside, and it’s warm getting ready for supper.  Love it when the oven is on because it really warms up the kitchen.  O yes it does!  amen and amen, how I love that.

Got some bad news today about our friend Bob, so naturally we fall down and pray, asking the Lord for a miracle, which He can so easily do.  How I praise Him for that, and will continue to praise Him no matter the outcome.  It’s hard for the family right now, both he and Cindy are in need of our intercession and it will be done.  Isn’t there a book:  Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People???  Something like that, anyway.

Had the opportunity to talk to a dear old friend the other day, let’s see, Sunday it was…and his name is Don Robertson, Steve said Don was excited to hear from him, he’s been out of work 6 weeks with muscle spasms and dr. care.  I guess he’s thinking of moving to TX and so is his son Todd and his family.  How nice is that, easily affordable there, as well.  They deserve it, that’s for sure.  Love that family so much.

Well, enuff said today, going to write it off for now.  Love my kids and who they married, and oh those 8 grandkids, how I just adore each and every one of them.  I am blessed with such a wonderful family, lots of laughs and we all share the Lord.  (well, the teeny tiny ones soon I hope).  I will sing a new song to you, O God; on the ten-stringed lyre I will make music to you.  I know the Lord is the only one to appreciate this, as well, hahahaha.

I love you, my family, I love you alot.


One thought on “So Cold…

  1. I am hoping for some 46 degree weather. Never thought I’d say that. Glad Dad got to talk to a dear friend. That Don what a guy. Praying for Bob who is popping in my mind often. Have a great evening and enjoy your home and husband. You children and grandchildren love you too!!

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