It’s a good day…

Life is good, so nice to get up and be about in the warm sunny weather, although not as warm as I’d like it, although warm enough to not have to wear a coat. Got in the car, turned on the radio and “My Redeemer” is playing, I love that song. Have no idea who was singing it but it was a girl, amen. hahaha..

Looking at the calendar and noticing the end of the month is so busy, I guess a good busy with Friday evening out to dinner with neat friends, Saturday night church and Sunday evening the Huddle for coaches of small groups…mmmmmhaving that Mexican theme. It should be delish. So it’s amazing how things fall on the same week end, it would be nice to have it broken up, but that’s okay.

Checked the plants today, and although the pansies are doing well, I brought in the others because it’s getting so cold tonight and wouldn’t want to lose them. I guess I’ll wait til the middle of March to put them out, who knows. It’s been such a cold, harsh winter.

Friends, just loving friends…who calls but our friends Betty and Moody Adams…how sweet is that…and they are having snow down there in Baton Rouge, LA O yes they are. They were wondering if I still liked it down here with the horrible winter we’ve had…well, we aren’t having snow so I guess I do like it. hahahaha. They are well, he just got back from Africa last week and still trying to get caught up on the time change. Now there’s a challenge!!! How well I remember. Betty sounds just great, new great grandson, Parker, precious Parker. I can just see Betty’s broad smile and sparkly eyes.

American Idol was soooo boring last evening with the girls, think I’m sticking to Criminal Minds tonight even if it is a repeat!!!

Well, I said it was a good day, 2 answered prayers, “Praise be to the Lord my Rock…O Lord, what is man that you care for him?”
Thank you, Lord for you care for the things that are so small but yet they seem so large to me. I love you, Lord.

Well, my 3 grown children, you are deeply loved today not only by me, but of course your Lord and Savior. I’m so glad you know Him and take your petitions to Him as well and then watch Him work in your lives. Yes, you are deeply loved.


One thought on “It’s a good day…

  1. Nicole C. Mullen sings that song on the radio and your oldest daughter sang it a few times while signing it at FC. Oh how I miss those days. Betty and Moody what a nice treat. God is so good He knows just when to send a phone call at just the right time. Love you!!!

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