It’s gorgeous today…

Quite a day in Charleston, SC today, I must say, took care of the smaller plants and they are looking so good, a bit dry, but looking good, the rosemary is so darn tall and the oregano loves my front yard (so do I).  Took a long walk down the driveway to the mailbox for the mail and I could have sat out there all afternoon enjoying the warmth and sun, yes it is sandal and shorts temps today.  Not tomorrow though.  I’ll have to wait til Monday to be that warm again.  Just love it.

Nice spending the morning praying down the prayer list and seeing so many answered prayers in my life and the lives of others.  Nice to see those check marks.  God answers prayer for sure.

Small groups last night was absolutely phenomenal, the 10 of us love gathering together and enjoy the Scripture He has made available.Talking about ‘being rich in God’ is just amazing.  How blessed we are as Americans.  Now we’re getting ready for a coaches huddle Sunday evening, getting together with another group of God’s amazing people…yes, coaches of small group leaders of which we happen to be both and it’s okay, it’s fun to do that.  So Sunday night at 5p it will be a Mexican theme at a friend’s home, and I’m bringing Spanish rice as my dish to pass.  I love it packed with onions, peppers, green olives and pigeon peas and can’t forget the Sazon, that’s what makes it, sooo good.  My granddaughter Alyssa would sooo enjoy that, alas, I can’t send it through the mail.  Next time I see her I’ll be cooking it.   Anxious to see what others bring.  It’s always a nice evening of fellowship, learning and enjoying the menu.

Still reading the Prodigal God.  I think I’d better take notes on some of it, things I never thought about.  Pretty darn good.

I can’t believe this is the last week of February.    March is here, and with that brings March madness for all the basketball fans out there.  Steve will enjoy that…depending on what night of the week, if it’s Mondays well, that’s our small group night.

Loving Ecclesiastes 8:1, ” Who is like the wise man? Who knows the explanation of things? Wisdom brightens a man’s face and changes its hard appearance”  oh yeah!  Who needs those creams for the face, wisdom will change our faces yes, that hard appearance.  We all need that so let’s spend some wise time in God’s Word for it is He who gives us His wisdom, and it’s ours for the asking.  Oh my word…how great is that!!! Love it.

Thinking of my 3 wonderful children and their families, how I love them, and Steve had a chance to brag on them last night, amen and amen.


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