I forgot

Wow, forgot all about blogging Friday, I guess the weather was so gorgeous I forgot everything…couldn’t believe the mid 60’s even up to 68 degrees it was just wonderful…note the word “was” because today it’s raining already, was suppose to rain later in the day, but at least it’s still in the 60’s, I think.  It was suppose to be, anyway.

Went to Calvary Church last night and enjoyed 2nd cousin Heather speak on her upcoming trip to Uganda.  Good for her.  She works in a hotel in Charleston and just bought herself a condo.  How nice is that, Oh Yeah!!!   Afterwards off to the “Ye Old Ice Cream Shoppe” for some sugar free stuff, which was quite good, surprisingly.  hahahaha.

Going to order brick today for the shed (takes 2 weeks to get it) then coffee and gramps.  How nice is that on a rainy day.  Shed is sure looking good, need more lumber now as well.  It’ll be so nice to see it completed with all of Steve’s things in it and my car in the garage.  YAAAAYYYY!

Tonight’s small group with our group of 14, chicken dinner.  I made an apple pie that looks great, mmmmmm wonder how it’s going to taste? Just cause it looks good doesn’t mean it tastes good.

Think I’ll make a few cards today (easy, very easy ones), love it when they’re easy, oh yes I do!!!

Well, thinking I’ll shut it down for now, and remember everyone, “Oh How He Loves Us”  so we are his portion and He is our prize, drawn to redemption by the grace in His eyes”  Heaven meets earth with a sloppy wet kiss.  Oh Yeah!  He Loves Us…  Don’t forget it either.

Love to all my family, xo, such special people.


One thought on “I forgot

  1. He loves us oh how He loves us. Oh how he loves us so. If grace is His ocean than we’re all sinking. Amen and amen. Have a great day my mother and friend.

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