sunny and gorgeous

Wow, it’s about time, getting up there to the near 60’s, although next week we’re being shot down to 50’s.  This is ugly.  Thinking only of today I think…that’s a good thing.  Blue skies, sun, light breeze, open house at low country pregnancy center, Olympic golds for USA was great, just so much, so many good things.  Fixed up a chair in the living room by placing pads on the legs, hate to have the wood floors marred.  That was so easy, did some light work around the house, and enjoyed this light week.  Continued some reading in the Prodigal God, last year’s book, hahaha, but oh so good any time.  How much can I remember, that’s the only thing.

Great getting my facebook picture changed, wow, thought I could never do that, so before even trying I’m fbking my granddaughter, Alyssa to explain what I want done, then continued to try to figure it out, so exasperating, then all of a sudden something clicked and voila…new picture…without help!!!  As my niece said, ‘did I do her patented dance’ and I want to say yes, Angie I did but not quite sure what your dance was, so made up my own and called it your ‘patented dance’.

Got some hilarious forwards from a friend, Bonnie, and just had to send one to Stephanie…we all can use a hilarious laugh at work, that’s for sure.

Need to get some stamping up done for future cards, and I’m going to make a few up that are sooooo easy and delightfully enjoyable.  Snail mail .. I love it…and I love receiving too, which I did get a card in the mail from another friend, Marge.

Well, to all of my children, their husbands and wife, and my friends, 3 John 1:2, “Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers”

Talk to ya tomorrow


One thought on “sunny and gorgeous

  1. So love your new profile picture. So proud of you for doing it yourself. Would have loved to see your dance. LOL!! Thanks for the forwards today. Made my day and Alyssa loved it too. Miss ya and enjoy your weekend!!!

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