Today I’m so excited, lunch with a childhood friend, and you can bet I’m not running races with her, playing dolls, building snowmen and snowforts, I think we’ve passed that stage, oh the days of laughter and chattering continue…yes today it will continue and it’s a great thing when that can happen.  I’m still astounded that I have a friend  living so close to me here in SC…last time she saw me I had long blonde pipe curls with a bow in my hair,  and wore white folded down sox with Mary Jane shoes.  Yes, my mother was always careful in how I looked and dressed.  Now I’m in jeans and sweaters,  instead of skirts, blouses and dresses…what a change. MMmmmmm, “A friend loveth at all times”,

We are getting 3 to 6″ of snow during the overnight hours, I thought I left snow behind…I’m not too thrilled over this, although we were promised it would melt quickly,  I’ll believe that when I see it.  We don’t have snow shovels here either.  The last time it snowed here was 20 yrs. ago laying 8″ of snow on the ground.  Oh No!!!   Well, we”re leaving for NC right after lunch and I’m wondering, “Are they getting snow?  how much if they are? should I wear my heavy New England BLACK coat due to depression or wear my red coat and chase the snow away?  yeah, right!  That’s not going to happen, that’s for sure, or “We have not because we ask not”, so Lord, NO SNOW, Pulleeeeze.

Got this great cookie recipe from Stephanie  I would be making if I weren’t going to NC, I’ll have to wait til Monday and enjoy these delightful, delicious cookies on Monday with hot coffee and a great husband.  We love our 3:00 p.m. coffee breaks.

…so many surprises:  childhood friends, snow, cookie recipes…all good, all very, very good.  Thanks Lord.



  1. Love reading your blog. Hope you had a blast with your friend and you laughed a lot. Enjoy your weekend and listening to Dad preach. I for one am jealous. I miss his preaching. Love you and I hope the snow passes over you.

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