It’s A Brand New Day

…and how good is that!!!  A brand new day, a day to enjoy, a day to accomplish many things, a day to laugh, a day to get in touch with someone you care for, a day for a new friendship or friendship renewed. It’s our choice, or is it???  When we strike out on our own it might be our choice, but when we sit and ‘be still and know that I am God’ it would most likely be our Lord’s choice and oh how the choices change.  I’ve really enjoyed doing my study on Daniel, and in Chapter 8 I learned how my choice can cause such pride, but His choices show me that it is His purpose for me to glorify God the Father.  Yes, it’s a brand new day, I wonder where my thoughts and choices are going to lead me?  To enjoy Him and His day that He made for me?  To carry out things for Him like making that phone call or visiting that person who needs a human touch? To laugh at what God has given me to enjoy in His creation whether it be His teeny tiny creatures who run all about my yard, or conversation with someone who is just so darn enjoyable and makes me laugh til I wheeze.. (thanks, Stephanie and Alyssa); oh,  and that friendship?  Well tomorrow I’m getting to renew friendship with a childhood friend from ‘back in the day’, and don’t think there isn’t going to be  hysterical laughing going on when that happens.  Isn’t that just crazy…to move to SC and find a childhood friend (and to know God had this planned for me all the time) who now lives 30 minutes from where I now live, a touch of CT has come to my life.  He gave this to me and I didn’t even think about asking Him for something so delightful as this.  Well, it’s my ‘Brand New Day’ to enjoy in Him, I’m going to take full advantage of today, too.  This is just so great, I’m excited, I love it!  I hope everyone takes advantage of their ‘brand new day’ today…and enjoy the right choices and purposes for them.  Oh yes I do.


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