What a day it is…

What a day it is…to wake up this a.m. and see that the North east is being blanketed in all that white stuff falling from the sky, and as I look out the kitchen window I see the sun over the pines, the green grass beckoning to be mowed, the button the coffee maker ready to be pushed for that first hot cup of the day, and Daniel ready to be studied, aaaah, what a day it is. It’s hard to imagine, I feel like I’m world’s away from the Northeast…enjoying the sounds of the birds, watching the squirrels running and playing throughout the trees and the grass, watching the soft breeze through the trees bending them ever so slightly. How in the world did this all happen?? Thank you, Lord, thank you FC (Fellowship Church) for all you’ve blessed me with, for so much to enjoy as the later years have entered my life. Yes, what a day it is…


One thought on “What a day it is…

  1. Mom ~ I am so glad you have started a blog. Can’t wait to look out my window and see all the animals and nature that God has created. Right now I look at the snow and have to stop and thank God that I am whiter than snow thanks to Him. Love you and I will be looking for more entries.

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